domingo, setembro 28, 2008

In Extremo

Hey everybody :D
Thank's for the visits and blablabla...
Today I've brought something new [ i just think so xD ]
In Extremo is a German folk metal band originating from Berlin in 1.995 :B
If you wanna know more about the band is just you click here.
[Sorry my bad english - I just think so]

01. Wind
02. Krummavisur
03. Lebensbeichte
04. Merseburger Zaubersprüche II
05. Stetit Puella
06. Vollmond
07. Die Gier
08. Omnia Sol Temperat
09. Le ‘Or Chiyuchech
10. Der Rattenfanger
11. Oskasteinar
12. Nature Nous Semont
13. Unter Dem Meer

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Larissa disse...

The file link that you requested is not valid. - Coloque um que pegue por favor ! me avise por e-mail : larissa_43-@hotmail.com Thanks

Necksa disse...

Banda muito boa tbm!!! Mas o link não tah funcionando....

Tenho o album Mein rasend Herz, se quiser publicar no blog me avisa q eu te mando.